About Us



Our Story

We used to be BEKYA Middle Eastern Kitchen and now we are SAFAR Middle Eastern. Nothing has changed – the same amazing chefs, same back of house staff, same super attentive waiters and same owners.

We realised how special this place is. We realised how different it is compared to BEKYA at other locations. And that is the reason why we changed the brand name.

So here is the SAFAR story.

We all love our mother’s cooking and we brought in our families to venture into the food business.We all share the same love for authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine. Stepping through the entrance of Safar, you are warmly greeted by our professional and courteous staff.Our passion for food is shared with our family and friends so  never compromise. We use locally sourced fresh ingredients and we have the Egyptian bread constantly being baked. Our menu selection covers vegetarian-friendly, vegan and gluten-free options