To Start


Home-made Flat Bread (vg) $1


Mixed pickles (vg, gf) $6

Green peppers, turnips, cucumber



Roasted Beetroot And Dill Hummus (vg, gfa) $14

With extra virgin olive oil and crispy bread

Hummus With Sautéed Minced Meat (gfa) $18

With pine nuts and crispy bread 

Trio Of Dips With Crispy Bread (vg,gfa) $20

Hummus, Baba Ghanouj and beetroot hummus




Fattoush Salad (vg, gfa) $15

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish, shallots, parsley, pomegranate dressing and crispy bread


Halloumi Salad (v) $19

Olives, red onions, cucumber, tomato and oregano


Ladies Fingers  (v) $14

Filo pastry filled with halloumi cheese


Quinoa Salad (vg) $16

Quinoa, tomato, red onions, cucumber, parsley, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice


Vine Leaves  (vg, gf) $14

Filled with rice, tomato, onions and chick peas


Sambousek Meat $14

Puff pastry filled with sauteed minced lamb


 Falafel  (vg) $13

Broad beans fresh herbs, onions, garlic and tahini


Arnabeet (vg) $15

Lightly fried cauliflower with sumac, tahini, and za’atar


Herb Crumbed Sardine Fillets $20

With white cabbage,tomato,capers,roasted capsicum and walnut dip




White rice with egg noodles $8


Chips with rosemary salt (v) $10


Spicy Potatoes (v) $12

Tossed in coriander, garlic and chilli 


Lubyeh (vg,gf) $13

Sautéed green beans, cherry tomatoes, garlic, chilli and dukkah




Koshari (vga) $17

Rice, lentils, macaroni, chick peas,crispy onions and tomato salsa


Grazing Plate (vga, gfa) $26

Halloumi, roasted beetroot, cauliflower, sweet potato and red cabbage salad


Lemon and garlic chicken (gfa) $32

Chicken breast tossed in lemon and garlic sauce with noodle rice


Black sesame seed crusted salmon (gf) $34

With green peas and turmeric sauce


Roasted Spatchcock (gf) $33

With roasted sweet potato puree and rosemary oil


Slow CookedBeef Cheek (gf) $34

With turmeric rice, za’atar, yoghurt and spiced almonds


Safar  Board (gf) $33

Skewer of chicken, kafta, lamb, dips and red cabbage salad


Grilled Lamb Cutlets $35

With cous cous, carrots and sultanas



Roasted pistachio and vanilla bean ice cream $12
with apple, rhubarb and pistachio praline (gf)

Knafeh cup $12
milk, cream, rosewater, kataifi pastry and roasted pistachios

Sticky date and walnut pudding $12
with caramel sauce

Vegan chocolate tart $12
with coconut and vanilla custard


Arabic coffee $4

Short black / Flat white / Latte / Cappuccino $4
large 50c / Extra shot 50c / Soy milk 50c

TEA $4
English breakfast / Earl grey / Peppermint /
Camomile / Fresh mint

Arabic coffee with cardamom $4



Lemon and mint  $8


Hibiscus iced tea  $8


Pomegranate mojito  $8


Bubble Thyme $15
gin, lemon juice, fresh thyme and prosecco

Hibiscus Margarita $15
tequila, lemon juice and hibiscus syrup

Cucumber Lemonade $15
gin, lemon juice, fresh cucumber,
rosemary syrup and soda water

Pomegranate Mint Julep $16
bourbon, pomegranate liqueur and fresh mint

Spicy Mule $15
vodka, triple sec, lemon juice,
fresh chilli and ginger beer


Coke $4

Sprite $4

Ginger ale $4

Diet coke $4

Lift $4

Ginger beer $4

Coke no sugar $4

Tonic water $4

Soda water $4


Orange $5

Apple $5

Pineapple $5


Yenda crisp lager (280ml draught) $8


Stone & Wood pacific ale (330ml bottle) $8.5

Yenda pale ale (280ml draught) $8


4 Pines Amber ale (330ml bottle) $8.5

James squire four wives pilsner (330ml bottle) $8.5


Pressman’s apple cider (330ml bottle) $8.5


Sydney brewery agave and ginger apple cider (330ml bottle) $8.5


4 Pine brookvale union ginger beer (330ml can) $8.5

Sparkling Wine


Madfish Prosecco     G $12     C $28     B $45
Margaret River WA

Delamere Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV  $57
Pipers River TAS

Barringwood Estate Chardonnay Pinot Meunier $90
Lower Barrington TAS

White Wine


Longview Whippet Sauvignon Blanc     G  $11       C  $27     B  $44
Adelaide Hills SA

Four Boards Semillon Sauvignon Blanc     G  $10     C  $25     B  $40
Margaret River WA

Atlas Watervale Riesling     G  $12     C  $30     B  $48
Clare Valley SA

Margan Verdelho     G  $12     C  $27     B  $53
Hunter Valley NSW

Long Rail Gully Pinot Gris     G  $12     C  $29     B  $46
Murrumbateman NSW

Howard Park Chardonnay     G  $14     C  $ 35     B  $56
Mount Barker WA

Rose Wine


De Luliis (Blend of Sangiovese and Merlot)     G  $11       C  $28     B  $44

Hunter Valley NSW


Printhie Snowline Three Pinots     G  $12       C  $31     B  $50

Orange NSW

Red Wine


Helens Hill Pinot Noir    G  $14       C  $36     B  $58

Yarra Valley VIC



Maxwell Wines Grenache     G  $13       C  $33     B  $53

Mclaren Vale SA


Vinaceous Voodoo Moon Malbec    G  $13       C  $31     B  $50

Margaret River WA


Tim Gramp Tempranillo    G  $11       C  $28    B  $45

Clare Valley SA


Paxton Natural Organic Shiraz    G  $13       C  $31     B  $50

McLaren Valley SA


Tellurian GSM    G  $13       C  $33     B  $53

Heathcote VIC



Katnook Founders Block Cab Suvignon    G  $11       C  $27     B  $43

Coonawarra SA



Dessert  Wine


Long View Epitome Riesling   G  $11      B  $51

Adelaide Hills SA



Wirra Wirra Pink Moscato      G  $10     B  $40

McLaren Valley SA