Lunch Specials 


(available Monday-Friday 11am to 4pm)

WRAP MEAL $15.95 (gfa)

Includes Chips and a Soft Drink (can)

Choose From:

Egyptian Falafel, Arnabeet, Halloumi, Chicken Shawarma, Shishtawook, Kafta, Beef Shish 


PLATE MEAL $17.95 

Includes Rice, Chips, Salad, Flat bread and a Soft Drink (can)

Choose From:

Vegetarian, Chicken Shawarma, Shistawook, Lemon Garlic Chicken, Kafta, Beef Shish


LUNCH BANQUET $30PP (v, gfa)

(available Monday-Friday)

Minimum of 2 people and only available for the whole table

Homemade Flat bread, Fattoush Salad,
Hummus, Babaghanouj, Falafel,
Chicken and Kafta skewers